From your Ceremony to the closing. We’ve specialized in putting that last piece of the puzzle in place for our brides’ special day.

Weddings are our specialty! In fact, it’s how we came to be. It all started years ago while we provided sound systems and lighting for local reception halls. Doing so gave us an in-depth look at the working, planning, execution and preparation of every type and style of reception, party, event, etc.

It was then that we realized we could provide that same service directly to our brides instead of to the reception halls. The amount of knoweledge we picked up along the way doesn’t only help our clients, it helps our clients deal with and understand more of the process of the wedding. In a sense, your DJ or Master of Ceremony’s is your control center. It’s your MC that will coordinate with your wedding planner, mother, sister, or whomever else you have calling the shots.

Planning is everything!

We look at it this way… a typical reception begins directly following the ceremony (Sometimes thats immediate, sometimes it’s 20 to 30 minutes away, depending on the location). Well, once the bridal party arrives, what happens then?

The photographer takes control! You have to have your pictures right? A properly trained MC or DJ will work closely with your photographer. Making sure party members are where they need to be instead of wasting 30 minutes trying to gather everyone for that perfect shot.

Things to remember –

1. The clock is ticking! While your photographer is earning thier money, your guests are arriving and grabbing a good table, ready to chow down and getting psyched for their time to cut up the dance floor.

2. The dance floor is not open until the bride and groom dance first! It’s your day, and everyone else is there for you! This is your chance to shine. As soon as we make the announcement and you step out on that dance floor, your guests grab their cameras!

3. We know that with everything going on, brides, grooms, planners, etc. can get caught up and overwhelmed with the process. That’s why we also work closely with your planner to make sure key events take place at specific times. Lets face it, you don’t want to walk into your reception after taking pictures, not realizing that you only have an hour left to squeeze in your personal dances and then leave 20 minutes for your guests to dance and mingle.

The power of the MC.

Your reception should be planned long before the opening of the doors and you walking in. There shouldn’t be any fumbling for music, looking for names, confirming times, etc. By the time you arrive at your reception, the series of events should be set in motion that will lead to an amazing night that you shouldn’t even have to worry about. You’ve made all the decisions. You’ve asked all the questions. Let us make sure it goes off without a hitch! Just remember, we’re there to assist you and the flow of the wedding. If you need to make an announcement, just come up and ask. If you need us to modify anything, we can make that happen. We’re there for you.

We take great pride in the amount of stress and worry we can take from our clients shoulders. Trust us… it’s all we do! Rest easy… it’s taken care of.

Oh, and congratulations! 🙂