What makes the difference?

TraxWerx uses high-end professional audio equipment and DJ lighting.  The  setup is dynamic, unobtrusive and easily setup and torn down.

The Right Equipment Makes All The Difference

WHY…Powered speakers?

Powered speakers are precisely engineered for amplifier/speaker compatibility to produce the same exceptional, consistant sound quality found in professional studio monitors. We use powered mains, backed by powered sub-woofers to provide an amazing sound experience without a possibility of “blowing” or damaging the quipment.

WHY…Backup equipment?

For your event, we provide an enourmous selection of digital music, played via a laptop to our sound equipment. Well, like all electronic equipment, failure is a possibility. We prepare for this by brining redundant units to quickly recover from any such outage.

WHY…Speaker stands?

Speaker placement is a critical factor in creating quality sound for your event. Placing speakers on the floor below ear level and projecting sound into the crowd, produces a muffled and distorted sound. With elevated speakers, both music and speech are crystal clear without excessive volume. We use latest technology in tripod stands, allowing speakers to be elevated safely and securely at a height that projects the sound evently and pleasantly to your guests… not just to the crowd standing next to them.

WHY…Dance floor lighting?

Tasteful yet dynamic LED dance floor lighting in sync with the music creates a festive atmosphere and motivates your guests to dance. The lights that we use create the lighting effects seen at trendy clubs or classic weddings. This versatile multi-effect light show is syncronized with the music being played and directed to support the size of your dance floor or facility.

WHY…A separate ceremony sound system?

When possible/needed, A separate sound system setup will be used at your ceremony location to allow a seamless transition from ceremony to reception.