What do we do?

Not everyone seems to understand exactly what a professional wedding disc jockey actually does. Recently I received a call from a bride looking to hire a DJ for her wedding. She said that she and her fiance had spent weeks downloading songs to be played on a “boom box” at their reception and then they decided against it. They had already chosen all their music and even burned the songs on CD’s… all they wanted me to do was play their songs in the order they were recorded. The groom also mentioned that he wanted his brother to introduce the wedding party on a microphone.

After careful thought, I politely indicated to them that they really didn’t need the services of a professional wedding DJ. Instead, they would be better off just renting the equipment and getting a friend to press the play button. Incidentally, they had planned on spending three times what they had budgetted for a DJ on the rental of their chair covers!

She was doing everything she could to insure that her wedding reception would be a success in her eyes. However, her call indicated two things to me: first, she had no concept of what a professional wedding DJ really does and second, she believed she could not trust a DJ to deliver the reception she wanted without having to micro-managing his performance.

In the age of digital music and instant downloads, everyone seems to be walking around with music in their pocket, purse or even in their hand! Some even call themselves wedding DJs, completely unaware that there’s a lot more to being a professional DJ than just showing up with a few thousand songs on an MP3 Player.

In fact, experienced wedding DJ’s are now attempting to distance themselves from the wanna-be’s and amateurs  by calling themselves Event Coordinators or Entertainment Directors.

Performance …

No matter how you refer to us, as your professional wedding DJ we have two significant responsibilities: hosting the events of your reception in a professional manner and programming/preparing the perfect music to complement each reception event individually. Hosting involves monitoring the pace and flow of your reception’s events while serving as your official “Master of Ceremonies”, directly representing you and your family to all of your invited guests.

Preparing your music is much different than just setting up and playing music with the press of a button. At a typical reception, after photographers, toasts, “specialty dances”, etc… you’re lucky if you have time to incorporate a solid hour or two of music for your guests to appreciate. Years of experience doing countless weddings enable us to select just the right song at any given moment to complement each phase of a reception while, at the same time, being responsive to your music preferences, as well as those of your guests.

Planning and Preparation …

A great performance is only as good as the planning and preparation that go into it’s design. We take your wishes and requests first, then after review, make our experienced suggestions for music options and the optimum sequencing of the planned events. We will then review our recommendations with you and give you explanations as to why we feel the direction we’ve chosen should be considered.

With your input, we create a reception timeline of events to be shared with your catering director and photographer. We as that you provide us with a “must playlist” and “must NOT not playlist” of genres, songs and dances. From that, we will create a customized music set that we can manipulate and make changes to “on-the-fly” as the reception unfolds to maximize your guests’ involvement.