When you choose TraxWerx to provide your entertainment at your event, you’re choosing a whole group of individuals who’s main goal is to ensure you and your guests have a great time! We’re not a “performace” DJ company, we are there to play what YOU want to hear… our DJ’s have the ability to “read” the crowd and play the music that will keep them entertained, or choose from your pre-designed playlist to keep the party going. We do encourrage Playlists (as well as DO NOT playlists) and even take walk-up requests. If we have it and your guests ask for it, we will do our best to play it!

PROACTIVE vs. PASSIVE wedding receptions

Most DJ’s wouldn’t tell you this because they know they would end up making an hour of additional overtime… however, we believe in honesty and working with our clients to make your event as enjoyable as possible with no hidden or forced costs. We’re straight-up with our pricing and if anything needs to be added, we notify you ahead of time. With that being said…

When you’re caught up in the moment at your reception, the last thing you want to worry about is the time-table. We can do this for you by running a more pro-active reception. We will work with you to determine time-lines for your event and make pre-designated announcements to keep the night moving along. Remember, if you spend 2 hours of your 3 hour reception tracking down bridesmaids or groomsmen because you’re taking pictures, your guests are listening to background music and running out of food! Also, if you figure on 3 to 5 minutes per song, you’ll have 12 to 20 songs for your guests to dance to in one hour… that’s NOT including your personalized dances (money, bride & groom, mother of the groom and groom, father of the bride and bride, etc.). Plan accordingly and we’ll help you move the night along and stay on track so your guests are left out of the dance.

Please note:

Custom Announcement requests must be submitted in writing no later than 24 hours of the event. If no announcements are provided, a pre-designed set of announcements (based on your event) will be selected. (i.e. Wedding announcements are usually Receiving Line, Bouquet Toss, Garter Belt, Money Dance, Bride and Groom, Bride and Father, Groom and Mother, etc…)

Custom play lists must be provided 48 hours prior to event date. No exceptions. If no play list is selected or received in the allotted time, a pre-designed play list will be selected. Specific song requests can be accepted at the Entertainment Staff’s discretion, based on song availability.

All songs are played digitally, either from our main computer system or mobile laptop. Our systems utilize the latest in Audio/Electronic technology to provide the clearest, most enjoyable sound experience.