As a friend once put it…

“You’re not selling me a DJ for my event… You’re selling me the TraxWerx Mobile Entertainment Experience!”

We’re definitely not just a music player or a fancy light show. It didn’t work years ago and it just doesn’t work today. We not only play the music you want, we play what you need. Over the years, we’ve learned how to read the crowds and give them what they want. It’s a gift that most DJ’s develop over time… well, we’ve perfected it!

TraxWerx Mobile Entertainment was  initally created to better serve brides during their wedding receptions. We knew we could do better than most in-house DJ’s (or “included in your package” DJ’s) after working at a local reception hall for years. We leared the business inside and out…  little details that assist in the planning of any party or event. We then branched off on our own to deliver that to our customers in a way that benefits everyone involved. From the wedding planner to the photographer, we lend assistance and work with them to eliminate any delays or miscommunication. Now we bring that same knowledge and experience to any event or venue. If you need mobile entertainment, we’ve got it for you!

We’ve never missed a date!

TraxWerx is a licensed & insured, full service DJ and Lighting mobile entertainment services company, providing mobile entertainment services to Orleans, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Johns, Mandeville and most other surrounding areas.

Let us assist in making your event, wedding, reception, anniversary, sweet 16, Holiday, Birthday, Block, Bridal, Outdoor, School, Family, tailgate, Mardi Gras, Corporate parties and more the absolute best time possible for you and your guests. We offer multiple packages with various levels of service to help fit your event perfectly. From the smallest of Weddings to the largest of receptions, we will give it our all to make sure your guests remember your night!

What keeps a party going? The music and entertainment. What would a party be without it? Choose your entertainment wisely… take your time and do things the right way. Your event is not the time to realize “You get what you pay for!”.